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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q....Will my insurance rates increase ?
    A....No, rates WILL NOT increase. It is governed by the Insurance Bureau of Canada
( IBC ) and your premium will 100 % NOT CHANGE.
( contact us for copy of  IBC documentation )  

Q....Should I contact my insurance company on whether my rates will increase with a Comprehensive Glass Report ?
A....Its not necessary, but for reassurance purposes you have two options :
    Option One :
Contact the Insurance Bureau of Canada ( IBC ) at 1.800.387-2880
and ask them ;
     " Will a Comprehensive Glass Report increase Insurance Rates"

   Option Two :
Contact your insurance companies AUTO CLAIMS DEPARTMENT and 
NOT the
GLASS or WINDSHIELD department as the Auto Glass staff are NOT LICENSED to answer your questions. 

Q....How long does it take to get confirmation from insurer ?
A....In most cases, it only takes 30 to 60 minutes.
Q....Do I have to pay my full Deductible ?

A....No, In most cases your Comprehensive Deductible is Instantly Rebated by us.

Q....How much of the Deductible does Auto Spot Canada Instantly Rebate ? A....We Instantly rebate 72 to 100 % of the deductible for most customers.

Q....Do I have to complete extra forms to process a glass report ?
A....No, the process is very quick and simple, we bill your insurer directly and we  complete all the paperwork necessary.  We just  require your Policy number and 
VIN  number to proceed to the NEXT STEP.

Q....If I complete the NEXT STEP form, am I Obligated to proceed further?
No, this is a NO OBLIGATION NO COMMITMENT process for you.

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